Game of Thrones Comming soon April

Game of Thrones "Game of Thrones " would return to the long-awaited eighth and final season in April, HBO announced on Tuesday.

The season will consist of six great episode that will wrap up the story unfold and end one of the world's most popular events and HBO's biggest hits in history.

But it's "a game of Thrones " franchise might just be getting started. At least one prequel series is in the works, created by George r.r. Martin, Lord of the universe " " Throne, and writer Jane Goldman ( "Kingsman: The Secret Service's"). HBO has begun casting the show, set thousands of years before  "game of thrones, " with Naomi Watts signing up the role has not been disclosed.

Martin initially said the event would be called  "The Long Night ", but because it has been revealed that the project is officially remain untitled. ( "Night long " is the title of an option, however.)

The promotion by the end of the season fr
om  "Throne ", and scope, has begun. On Tuesday, HBO released a teaser compilation that includes there is footage from the new season but outlines stakes dispute end.

Clip kicks off HBO's strong marketing campaigns has been the #ForTheThrone label will be "showing extreme show characters have gone through in their search for the Iron Throne ", HBO said in an announcement. These efforts are designed to encourage fans to rewatch the previous season and convincing was not the last to catch up before the end of the season begins.

On 27 November, HBO will debut  "game of Thrones " a big promotion at Grand Central Station, which will include a limited-edition run of 250,000 themed MetroCards.

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