Kewan Platt suspended from Fitchburg State

Division III basketball player now indefinitely suspended and banned from campus after hitting the opponent with a vicious elbow during a game on Tuesday night.

At the end of the loss to Nichols College, Fitchburg State Kaiwan Platt approached Nate Tenaglia and hit him in the face with his elbow after Tenaglia shoot 3-pointers. In a video posted on social media, Tenaglia, who makes shots, fell to the ground after being struck.

The video is distributed on social media make it appeared play continue without any reaction. However, according to people who were present, Platt was issued; She had been taking a technical foul early in the game between Massachusetts schools.

 "The community was surprised by the behaviour of the Fitchburg State displayed for a home basketball game Tuesday night, " State Athletic Director the Fitchburg Burke Matthew said in a statement.  "The players involved have been indefinitely suspended from the team and banned from campus, effective immediately.

 "His behavior is contrary to the values of our society and sportsmanship. Fitchburg State does not tolerate behavior that violates the standards. The case is being reviewed at the level of student behavior to consider further sanctions.  "

Matthew Bruun, Director of the University's public information, told ESPN that Fitchburg State University Police Department is  a "fact-finding " and review the incidents of Tuesday night.

Nichols College, in their own statement, said Tenaglia is considered OK to finish the game.

 "We have been disturbed by the unfortunate incident that took place Tuesday evening men's basketball game at Fitchburg State University, " Nichols College Athletic Director Chris Colvin said in a statement.  "The Nichols College student-athletes involved were able to complete the game, and we continue to monitor his health. We are proud of the way our student-athletes dealt with the incident and that they do not allow for increases. We realize that State administration Fitchburg handle things.  "

According to spokesman Nichols Pete Divito, Tenaglia has guarded Platt throughout the game, frustrating him with his defense. After the incident, Tenaglia finished the game after tests for a concussion were negative.

Divito said school officials are so excited and relieved OK Tenaglia's "most teams don't see it " because of concerns about a potential quarrel.

 "The best we can gather is that it was frustration, " Divito said of Platt in the elbow.  "There is no real setup for this. ... We're glad it didn't escalate into fights.  "

Platt's name has been removed from the website of the basketball program Fitchburg State. He has recently been awarded the player of the week Award by school League, Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference, but the League has been cleared of that award.

 "The MASCAC and Fitchburg State University take this incident seriously, " MASCAC Commissioner Angela Baumann said in a statement. "We're surprised by the actions of student-athletes. ... His actions contradicted MASCAC missions, which include sportsmanship. On behalf of the MASCAC and Fitchburg, Nichols College student-athletes, teams, and institutions.  "

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